Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb!



This one isn’t a “white whale” beer – the kind you dedicate your entire existence to tracking down, like a drunken Ahab – but Prairie Artisan Ales’ Bomb!, an imperial stout usually referred to as “Prairie Bomb,” is always worth revisiting. I just don’t see it all that often around these parts.

And so it was that I got lucky enough to not only catch a pint on draft, but it was on the same day I snatched up a bottle at the Louisville Beer Store. Lucky me, right? Well, it didn’t disappoint, in either instance. Aged on cacao nibs, vanilla beans, coffee, and ancho chilis, Prairie Bomb is, well, a flavor bomb and then some.

Pitch black with a tan head that dissipates quickly, the aroma tells the story, with a huge blast of roasted malts, chocolate, and vanilla taking over my senses. Take a few sips of this creamy, delicious beer, and the chilis come into play, blending with the boozy body to add a nice, warming finish guaranteed to keep you warm in winter.

This one wasn’t named a Top 100 Beer in the World three years in a row by RateBeer through an accident. It’s worthy of the praise, every time. And if it surfaced for me twice in one day, it’s probably findable, and you won’t have to lose a leg in the process.