Bourbon Review – Barton 1792 BIB


Mashbill: 75% Corn, 15% Rye & 10% Malted Barley –  – $36


Barton has done quite well with their 1792 line, and especially so with limited edition releases.  As we recently covered, they’ve announced their next release as a bottled-in-bond offering.  This release capitalizes on the success of the 1792 brand and the popularity of bonded bottlings.  Bonded whiskies have been making a resurgence in the past few years, as they typically offer drinkers a great value; Barton has already seen this with their namesake bonded bourbon.

When first nosing the glass, the aroma comes off on the savory side, with clove, baking spice, and eucalyptus on the forefront.  Sweet cherry and charred oak follow, with subtle hints of vanilla.  As it opens sweet cream comes out and caramel become more noticeable.

Upon taking a sip, vanilla, cream, and spice coat your tongue.  Wood tannin cuts through the richness, drying out your mouth.  You’re left with more of that sweet cherry, baking spice, and lingering dryness.  The wood is surprisingly dominant for what is likely less than ten-year-old bourbon.  The alcohol is well balanced, leaving a slight warming sensation as you swallow.

Overall this is a solid pour, but it is competing in the already saturated bonded whiskey category. To Barton’s credit, it stands out from the pack due to the heavy barrel presence on the palate; although its direct competition, Henry McKenna, may outshine it a bit.  None the less, this will be an interesting offering to pick up, and would make a welcome addition to any home bar.  3.5/5


* Full disclosure – I received a free media sample of 1792 Bottled-in-Bond for the sole purposes of evaluating and reviewing. 

* All reviews are subjective and purely express my own opinion.  Ratings are independent of one another, just because bottle A has 4/5 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than bottle B with 3.5/5.  Lastly, my ratings are not quantifiable, I am not assigning aroma a certain number of points and mouthfeel another, it’s just my overall thoughts summed up in a number. *