Woodburn Habanero Passion Fruit IP


My old friend David Pierce, a long-time brewer in the Louisville scene, texted me recently and told me he was doing a brew session with Cincinnati’s The Woodburn Brewery to create a beer he knew I would like. David knows of my love of all things hot and spicy, and the beer in question was a habanero/passion fruit IPA. David let me know that there would be seven different types of habanero peppers in the blend. Needless to say, I was excited.

Well, it didn’t disappoint. The beer was brewed to be a Northeast-style IPA, although it was far more translucent than most of the cloudy NEIPAs I’ve enjoyed. In fact, it was almost clear, like a Bud Light. But this was no Bud Light. Even while light-bodied, the flavors were intense, with the balancing passion fruit taking a back seat to the hops and peppers – that’s a good thing for my palate. But the IPA had enough citrusy qualities on its own, and the creeping heat was exactly what I had hoped for when he first told me about the beer.

The question I have now is this: Do I have to drive to Cincinnati to get more?