Angel’s Envy Toasts the Trees


Angel’s Envy Unique Way to Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

            September is officially National Bourbon Heritage Month, as declared by the US Senate in 2007 to honor America’s native spirit.  Multiple celebrations are held, the largest of which is the Kentucky Bourbon festival, which is a weeklong event hosted in Bardstown every year.  One distillery does things a bit differently though, and that is Angel’s Envy.  For the past few years they have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to “toast the trees” as they say.  Oak trees play a crucial part in the production of bourbon; it is the wood from these trees that the barrels used to age the spirit are made of.  Cooperages can only harvest one to three barrels from a tree, and with almost two million barrels being filled annually it adds up.

To help replenish white oak levels, Angel’s Envy has committed to planting an oak tree for every social media post with a photo of an Angel’s Envy pour, cocktail, or bottle with the hashtag #AE4THETREES.  Last year alone they planted 6,670 trees in the Daniel Boone National Forest; all said they’ve planted over 13,000 and this number will only continue to grow as the movement gains more momentum.    They’re not just planting the trees anywhere though, instead choosing to plant them on the grounds of an abandoned coal mine, turning what was land ravaged by man back into a natural sanctuary for local wildlife.

I personally discovered this program a few weeks back when I attended an Industry Appreciation event hosted by Angel’s Envy.  To give thanks to those that currently support their brand, and to garner new support, they opened their doors to all those in the industry for a closed to the public evening of drinks, food, and distillery tours.  During the night, I was able to tour their newly built distillery, where they are currently distilling future product.  The 35-foot-tall copper continuous column still they have is absolutely gorgeous, and is the handiwork of another Louisville bourbon stalwart, Vendome Copper & Brass works.  Vendome has been in continuous operation since the early 1900s and has constructed stills for small craft distilleries such as Starlight Distillery and Copper & Kings, to industry titans like Jim Beam and Heaven Hill.

Most of the night was spent in their upstairs bar, which has been thoughtfully adorned with bourbon centric decor that is visually appealing.  The back bar is dominated by back lit glass shelving holding rows of their flagship bourbon, a truly eye-catching centerpiece.  The drinks were carefully crafted, and included classics such as the Old Fashioned and in-house variations on others such as their take on a Paper Plane.  Food was provided by Louisville restaurant veteran John Varanese’s newest venture, River House, and was also top notch.

I challenge all you readers to go out and support Angel’s Envy, at least during this month, and showcase it on social media using the #AE4THETREES hashtag.  Visit the distillery and photograph your tastings at the end.  Order a cocktail with or pour of Angel’s Envy at your favorite bar.  Take home a bottle and make your own drink.  Just know that you get to feel especially good about partaking in America’s native spirit throughout September by toasting the trees.