Simple Steps to Healthy Dietary Changes


Most people reach a point when they want to “be healthy” by changing their diet. This thought is full of good intentions that may stick around for a short while, but can be overwhelming and leave someone feeling dissatisfied. To make dietary changes long lasting, it’s important to keep things simple and your changes sustainable. Some general steps to follow include:

  • Limit or cut out any beverages with added sugars and increase water intake. Water can aide in feeling full and keeps you more hydrated than any other beverage!
  • If you’re trying to avoid certain foods, don’t keep them in the house or at your desk. Donate foods to avoid waste when cleaning out your pantry of temptations. Read nutrition facts labels, especially the ingredients. If an ingredient doesn’t sound like a food item, put it back.
  • Eat mindfully. Mindless snacking and rushed meals can cause people to overeat. Give yourself at least 20 minutes after a meal before reaching for more- that’s how long it takes your brain to realize your stomach is full.
  • Let yourself indulge occasionally, not every day. In order to maintain a healthy diet, include a small treat (such as a couple squares of dark chocolate). This feels rewarding and will keep you satisfied with your new changes.
  • Just because a food may be considered healthy doesn’t mean you can overeat it. Everything in moderation is key.
  • Cook from home as much as possible- food in restaurants is more likely to be loaded up with added fats and sodium.