Barret Bar


Barret Bar
1012 Barret Ave
Barret Bar has it all. Drinks, food, ample hangout space, things to do, and live music on an semi-regular basis. True, it’s not much to look at, both in curb appeal and interior design, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve somehow skipped over this gem of a bar. Instead of vintage appeal or a lame stab at a chintzy, Cracker Barrel-ish decor that some, especially newer bars opt for, Barret Bar is as plain Jane and dingy as they come. But it’s not like a little dinginess never hurt anyone.

First, and most importantly, let’s talk about the bar’s very reasonably priced drinks. Barret Bar, or “Bbar,” as it’s affectionately called by regulars, runs a fairly small tap but they always have a healthy selection of craft beers ready to pour. (And the ubiquitous Miller High Life. On draft!) As well, they offer many more by the bottle and can. Their mixed drinks are nothing special, and the strength and quality of them depend on who’s pouring that night. But, hey, at least they’re cheap, and cheap drinks are the true cornerstone of any respected dive.

While Barret Bar is literally minutes away from the culinary row that is Bardstown Road, you don’t have to leave to satisfy your alcohol-fueled hunger pangs. The pub grub they offer may not be something you’d specifically come here for but it’s certainly quality and even more so at 12am after the first few beers (or more) have kicked in. Some noteworthy eats are the pretzel loaf and beer cheese, the Philly cheese steak, and their in-house smoked pulled pork. Their Veggie burger is also worth your time if you’re looking for something a little less meaty.

One of the big draws to Barret Bar is their army of pool tables. But, be warned, if you’re looking to log any length of playing time you’d best get there early in the night. Want to watch TV? There’s always something on, usually sports, and the bar offers several screens for your viewing pleasure.

Got cabin fever of the bar variety? Head outside and partake in the atmosphere of their spacious and secluded patio or their back porch. Barret Bar maintains a smaller, though still well-stocked (minus the taps), bar outside so there’s no need to leave the great outdoors for your next beverage. If you’re lucky enough to score an elusive server, you may not even have to leave the table.
Being a known bar in a high-profile area, you’re going to be home to all sorts of people. While it certainly doesn’t bleed “hipster” cred like many other bars in the Highlands area, Barret Bar is definitely a popular neighborhood venue. The weeknights might run sparse but the weekends get busy and it tends to mostly be visited by an early 30s-ish and up crowd. One underrated bonus: it has three restrooms! And any veteran bar patron knows that’s worth it’s weight in tap poured Miller High Life.