Apocalypse Brew Works Apollo IPA


I’d had this beer, oh, 16,000 times at Apocalypse Brew Works, straight from the tap and into the cup, but I decided one evening to take home a 32-ounce crowler with me. Why? One, because I was out of beer at home (sacrilege), but two, because I was so accustomed to drinking it from the plastic cups used at the brewery that I wanted to try it out having been poured from sealed crowler to pint glass.

Here’s what I found: For my palate, it tastes eminently better in glassware versus plasticware. It brings out the subtle malt/hop balance, but the malt sweetness is slightly more prevalent here as it leads into the signature piney finish. The subtle citrus notes permeate the nose and, to a lesser extent, the flavor, and that is something that I often miss when drinking it from plastic. Hey, no matter how you drink it, it’s still an approachable and solid IPA. Best of all, at the brewery it’s just four bucks a pint, either on-site or taking it home. And if you drag home a growler, it’s only about 10 bucks. Score.