Taste of Independents


The Taste of Independents, produced by Apron Inc., benefits employees in the independent restaurant service industry who find themselves in financial need through no fault of their own. Apron Inc. President, Gary Fox states, “I love this event- it is our big yearly showcase where we raise funds for our program of helping Independent Restaurants Workers in times of need, and to shine a spotlight on the immense talent of our Independent chefs. Louisville is increasingly becoming known for its culinary scene and it’s our honor and privilege to get so many chefs in one place.”

The Taste of Independents is always highly anticipated since it involves some of our most talented culinary chefs! Here are just a few of the participants: Volare, Equus/Jack’s Lounge, Science Hill Inn and Martini Italian Bistro (Many more here!)

Apron, Inc says “The reason we do these food events; firstly, to raise funds and awareness for these programs, secondly, to show our appreciation to those who need these funds, and lastly to highlight the Louisville Independent Eateries which keeps Louisville as a must-visit Culinary City”!

It was certainly the place to be this past Sunday!

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Eric & Misty Perchau