Trim Tab IPA


During my summer hiatus at the beach, I passed through Birmingham, Alabama. And as I always say: When in Rome, drink beer like a Roman. It was through this mantra that I discovered Birmingham’s Trim Tab IPA. I had stopped into a watering hole near my hotel, asked if they had anything local, and was presented with this canned beauty.

Described on the package as “Gravitational Nectar” (nice), this one was initially malt forward and kind of bready, with a bit of the expected floral notes. Once I took a drink, I found the flavor as restrained as the aroma. I actually could have used just a bit more hop character in this one, but that didn’t discount the fact it was a dry, crisp, and highly approachable representation of the oft-brewed IPA style. It finished clean, with just enough bitterness.

Interestingly, I for a moment thought it might be a so-called “session IPA.” The brewery even describes this Southern IPA as “sessionable,” yet the alcohol by volume is a robust 6.5 percent. That’s far from sessionable, at least in terms of popular parameter, but I was on vacation. So I had three. Enjoy ‘em while you can, and if you find yourself in Alabama, you won’t go too wrong with Trim Tab IPA.