Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown


You like coffee? Well, if so, I have a limited release for you to seek out: Founders Brewing Co.’s Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale.

This guy is a gorgeous, imperial brown ale, with a thick, tan head, and a nose that belts you with all the roasty coffee aromas you can handle. It’s introduction to the senses is quite intense, to be sure, and with a hint of dark chocolate blended in for good measure. And then you get to taste it.

It’s no surprise that the flavors are just as bold and satisfying as the body and the aroma. The thick and creamy character are owed in no small part to the prime ingredients that go into making it: Caramel malt, flaked barley, Chocolate malt, Aromatic and Munich malts. They come together for an intense, creamy sweetness that blends perfectly with German and Perle hops, which then play into the natural coffee bitterness that defines the beer.

This is not for the timid, as it is 9.0 percent alcohol by volume, but it sure is worth your time and effort to find a four-pack of these guys. Be on the lookout in your favorite liquor store or bottle shop – you won’t regret it.