The Inaugural Kentucky Craft Bash


The inaugural Kentucky Craft Bash June 23 looked lightly attended by most eyes, but Kentucky Guild of Brewers Derek Selznick was plenty happy with the turnout at Waterfront Park’s Festival Plaza. The thing is, it was such a big space, that the end result was people not having to stand in line. At a beer festival, that’s a good thing. In addition, a grassy area with a tree canopy and standing tables separated two rows of breweries serving beers, giving it a serene, picture-esque feel. It was really a classy event.

More than 30 breweries participated, with 80-plus beers on hand, including a number of specialty brews and collaborations. Heck, even HopCat, a craft beer chain based in Michigan, had a presence as a key sponsor and bringing a brew from its small Louisville brewing system.

The highlight of this one was that for those of us interested in Kentucky breweries, we didn’t have to drive all over the state to start getting acquainted. Breweries like Ethereal Brewing in Lexington and Dry Ground Brewing in Paducah get plenty of kudos, but I don’t always have time to make those trips, however short. Here’s hoping for more in 2018.