THE C SUITE: John Howard Shaw-Woo


How did your childhood prepare you for your work today?
I grew up in a single parent household with six other siblings. My mother worked hard every day and even with her daily struggle to raise seven children, she was still committed to education.  She put her beliefs into action, for example, because she believed so strongly in education, she created a high school alumni association for our school so graduates could help future generations succeed. She believed in the democratic political system, and was our precinct representative and chairperson. So, I learned early in life that no matter what circumstances you come from, you can always thrive when you find and follow your passion. For me, that passion is creating social entrepreneurial programs to help improve people’s lives.

How do you define success?
Success is being able to feel good about helping those in need.

What are four criteria that you believe are essential in leadership?
Vision, Fairness, Integrity, and the Ability to Inspire

What is one piece of advice you would give a young person who wants to become a future business leader?
Identify and learn your trade.

Someday when they write your eulogy, you hope they say?
He helped to change lives.

John Howard Shaw-Woo
Executive Director
Founding Board Member
Reducing Kentucky Poverty Associated WIth
Hunger, Homeless, Mental Illness, Illiteracy
502-599-5299 Direct
502-777-6307 Office

Diane Tobin, Ph. D. is currently the Special Assistant to the President at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.  She is the former Executive Director of two non-profits, a co-owner of a for-profit business and a former Dean of the College of Business and Communication at Spalding University.