Clean Eating: Things to Look Out For


The term “clean eating” has been circulating for a while. It’s a great concept. To clean up your diet, you simple remove unhealthy foods from your diet, right? While this may be true, certain foods marketed as nutritious may not actually be ideal. For example, peanut butter is often highly regarded as a vegetarian source of protein. You would think peanut butter is simply peanuts, but many brands of peanut butter contain additives such as sweeteners and palm oil. Reading the ingredient list on any processed food item is crucial to keep things truly clean. After reading the ingredient list, it’s important to read serving sizes.  Some foods such as granolas and cereals don’t seem so bad, until you realize a serving size is a quarter cup and you’ve been eating one or two cups! Some companies use a variety of sweeteners such as honey, rice syrup, and sugar instead of just one sweetener, so the first ingredient listed isn’t sugar. Whether this is intentional or not, it’s certainly misleading. The easiest way to eat “clean” is to focus on foods that don’t need a nutrition label: fruits and vegetables.