Subliminal Imperial Stout


A collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal Ales and Buxton Brewery, this beer is probably the darkest beer I’ve ever laid eyes on. Subluminal, which means slower than light, is an interesting name for this imperial stout. It’s like the light left it behind.

But make no mistake, it’s delicious in its blackness. It carries a big, chocolaty aroma, followed by a dense, malty body that evokes coffee, more chocolate, and plenty of alcohol. (Yeah, this guy checks in at a robust 10 percent alcohol by volume, so tread lightly.) Quite honestly, the stuff is chewy. Boozy and big, it’s almost enough to be a meal in itself, and while it has the staggeringly big body, after a few drinks it cedes to a dry, bitter finish, both from the roasted malts and the ample hops. I couldn’t drink many of these in one sitting, but I could go for another one soon. You should too.