Store Pick Series – Buffalo Trace Keg Liquors Single Barrel Select – $25


Mashbill: Buffalo Trace Mashbill #1 (low rye)

Keg Liquors, with locations in both Clarksville & New Albany, Indiana may not be as well known to some, but they’ve been a honey hole for many an aficionado of fine drams and craft beer.
One of their most recent private barrel selections was an eight and a half year old pick of Buffalo Trace. Todd Antz, the proprietor of Keg, chose this barrel over the others because it stood out to him due to its sweetness and soft finish.
When I first nose this bourbon it is a caramel bomb. As it opens up I get whiffs of sweet corn, bruleed sugar, and butterscotch. Underneath all that are hints of cherry and candied dark fruit. This is truly the best smelling bottle of Buffalo Trace I’ve ever had the pleasure of opening.
The palate opens on the same page as the nose, with the decadent flavors of caramel and butterscotch. Rich sweet cream, roasted nuts, and vanilla round it out, and you’re left with a soft, subtle warmth that lingers, urging you to take another sip.
With a fairly high yield of 240 bottles they still have a few of these gems sitting on the shelf. This booze hound highly suggests you make it over to one of Keg’s locations to buy not one, but a few bottles to bunker, as this should be your new daily drinker. 4.5/5

*All reviews are subjective and purely express my own opinion. Ratings are independent of one another, just because bottle A has 4/5 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than bottle B with 3.5/5. Lastly, my ratings are not quantifiable, I am not assigning aroma a certain number of points and mouthfeel another, it’s just my overall thoughts summed up in a number.*