Special Release 1792 – 225th Anniversary


Barton Distillery Celebrates Kentucky’s Birthday

225 years ago on June 1st the great Commonwealth of Kentucky officially joined the Union. In that time the bluegrass has made an impact in quite a few ways, but perhaps none so significant as perfecting bourbon whiskey. With that being the case, what could be a more fitting gift than a limited edition bottling of bourbon? Barton Distillery has done just that with their newest limited expression of their flagship line, 1792 225th Anniversary.

This particular release pays homage a few different ways. Bottled at 92.15 proof, a nod to the year and the fact that Kentucky was the 15th state. A dark blue neck tag and back label symbolize the state seal as well. The slight change in proof isn’t the only difference to the juice in the bottle. Barton pulled from some of their older aged stock, and overall this run is approximately 10 years old, though it isn’t explicitly age stated.

The aromas of this bourbon are classic, yet intriguing. Dark brown sugar wafts out of the glass, followed by rich vanilla and caramel. Corn and rye spice poke through the notes of dark cocoa and fig. Dill and a woodiness wrap up the nose. This juice smells great, and it hits all the notes I want, showcasing both the mash bill and time in barrel.

Graham cracker and vanilla lead the charge on the palate, but those flavors are quickly replaced with soft notes from the barrel and the spice you would expect from this higher rye mash bill. As those fade, I’m left with more cocoa and some sweet red fruits, cherry and raspberry. This mouthfeel is really soft, the extra age and lower proof really mellow it out and make it an easy drinking, pleasant sipper.

The finish is just as soft, with an ever so gentle “Kentucky hug” as the inside of your mouth is left tingling. As light as it is, the finish is surprisingly long lasting, with a sweetness left on your tongue for almost a full minute.

Overall, this isn’t the best bourbon ever made, but it is a really solid pour for the price, from a historic distillery, making it the perfect bottle to celebrate Kentucky. 4/5

All reviews are subjective and purely express my own opinion.  Ratings are independent of one another, just because bottle A has 4/5 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than bottle B with 3.5/5.  Lastly, my ratings are not quantifiable, I am not assigning aroma a certain number of points and mouthfeel another, it’s just my overall thoughts summed up in a number.