Founders Doom Imperial IPA


From the Founders Brewing barrel-age series comes Doom Imperial IPA. This highly-anticipated early summer re-release pays off in a big way in its return, after its one-time release in 2013. This one pours a beautiful, sparkling, dark copper color, and the aroma portends what is about to go down. Robust double IPA? Check. Bourbon and oak? Yep. And the first whiff sets up the story. Founders hit this one on the head, because it really is the ideal meeting of two worlds. On the imperial IPA side, it boasts all the characteristics you look for: present malts, hop piney-ness, tropical notes.

But on the barrel-aged side, it pulls off the same feat, with hints of the oak, plus vanilla notes, perhaps a touch of butterscotch, and a hint of that familiar, warm bourbon finish that blends with the IPA bitterness on the back of the palate. It just works. Buy it if you can find it, because I guarantee it won’t be around long.