Floyd County Brewing Company Cloud 11


If you’ve not made your way to New Albany for a visit to Floyd County Brewing Company yet, now you have a reason: Cloud 11 IPA. OK, well, there are more reasons than that to go – for one thing, the food is really good. You can even get a Henry VIII-style turkey leg.

Which brings me to the next reason: It’s like going to a mini-Renaissance festival, complete with Monty Python and the Holy Grail undertones. There’s a giant knight’s helmet in one corner, faux-iron gates surrounding the brewhouse, and a mural of a troll in the main dining area.

But back to Cloud 11 – it’s a version of the up-and-coming style Northeast IPA. Mile Wide Beer Co. recently was the first in town to brew the style, breaking the beer scene for a couple of weeks with its Tessie IPA release. Cloud 11 is in the same family, with a big tropical nose, with hints of pine, and a flavor that pays off in the same. It’s spicy and tropical, yet the familiar IPA bitterness dissipates into a dry, clean finish. Yes, the pine notes are there, but they don’t strangle your palate. If you like the fruity tones of IPAs but can’t take the bitter, you now have options. Cloud 11 is one of them. Get on it.