Fest of Ale


Keg Liquors hosted the 12th annual Fest of Ale this past Saturday at the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater. Hundreds of people came out to sample craft beers from dozens of vendors.

The Fest of Ale has proved to be a smashing success, selling out all 1700 available tickets and following through with a quality beer event that benefits the Crusade for Children. Their other stated objective is to further craft beer in Indiana by providing a premier tasting event that embodies the craft beer lifestyle.

We enjoyed a bright summer day of low humidity with access to all the craft beer you could sample as well as fare from local food vendors and a few wines as well.

Once inside the venue, the view is so bucolic you would never realize your proximity to a major city just a couple miles away and New Albany just behind a berm to the north. It was a perfect spot.

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Julia Leigh Abby & Paige
New Albany Amphitheater
Tia Agneu, New Day Craft Beer CEO and founder
Julie Kemp, Thomas Hardy, Valerie Monty & Henry Read
Leah Tate with Alyinger Beer
John Goode with Spudz
Jayme,, Valerie, Betsy & Betsy - The Louisville Girls Club
Daphne Arnold, Amanda James & Matt Szymanski
Braden Voss - Monarch Beverage, Chris McDaniel Paul Busby with Southern Glazers
Brad Genung - Apple Knocker coming to Louisville soon
Bill Murray & Chevy Chase
Yvonne Steiner, Willard Bratcher & Maegan Duvall
The Walk of Beer!
John & Nikki