Whiskey & Warbirds


The Bourbon Brotherhood presented another great bourbon-centric event last night with “Whiskey and Warbirds” in Hangar 5 at Bowman Field. Hangar 5 is home to “Vintage Warbirds”, a collection of old fighting aircraft and other military machinery. A really fascinating visit anytime you can make it.

Although the weather didn’t cooperate for a vintage aircraft fly-over, spirits were in no way dampened with a plentiful supply of Old Forester neat, on the rocks and mixed by mixologist Russ Meredith.

We also appropriately enjoyed hot wings from “Momma’s” in Saint Matthews – called “the best wings in America”, they did not disappoint. There were also some great door prizes.

As the Bourbon Brotherhood says ” It’s a monthly gathering of men who enjoy bourbon and camaraderie. Is this politically correct? Probably not.”


Hover over any photo below to show names and descriptions. Click to expand to full size.

Cole Cutchins, Dave Alex, Matt, Jake , Taylor & Jordan Frank
The "River Rats" - former fighter pilots - Jeff "Jammer" Moore, F-4, F-16, F-117. Wyatt "Aggie" Stedman, F-15, F-16 www.river-rats.org
Dyin' to fly
Alex and Andy Pierce - who won a door prize
Chelsea Smith, Ashe Parker
Brad Burns, Tim Burns, Matthew Goodin, Lee Adams
For these guys, it really IS brain surgery - Herb Warren, Dr.'s Brian Williams, Joseph Neimat, Erik Burton, John Shaw-Woo and Shiao Woo
Keith Abel, Scott Potter, Duane Kristensen, Renaldo Manuel, Jason Himel
Jessica Atkins, Madeline Mortinsen
Ben & Joyce Schook
Steve Stone, Brent Riggs, Fred Gatterdam
Mena Blue, Director of Accent Models
Michael Pitt and Randy Woodford
Pat, Patty and Doug Scale, Andy Cropper