Migraines: Is What You’re Eating Keeping You Down?


You can’t focus, your eyesight becomes fuzzy, and the lighting at work is driving you mad. Another migraine is setting in and it’s a matter of time until you can no longer bear to be at work. As a migraine sufferer, your life is forced to come to a halt until the intense pain finally wanes. Many people are prescribed medications to combat this pain. However, an even simpler solution exists. Diet change. For many, discovering individual food sensitivities is the solution to curing migraines. What does food have to do with head pain? A wide variety of natural and artificial food chemicals have been linked to migraines. From naturally occurring phenols and tannins in black tea and bananas, to nitrates in processed meats, the variety of foods that can be triggers are numerous. It may seem a little daunting, knowing that so many different foods could be culprits to your pain, but with a simple blood test (Mediator Release Test) anyone can find out the cause of their pain. It could be just one food causing the issue, or several. By working with a registered dietitian certified in managing food sensitivities, you will be guided through the process of determining food triggers and eliminate pain. Don’t let migraines run your life. Live the life you want to live!