Country Boy Nacho Bait


For this beer, Country Boy Brewing in Lexington took its Cougar Bait and added some habanero peppers. I’d had this one before a couple of years ago, but not since, so I was excited to revisit it – and I was not disappointed.

Initially, both the aroma and the flavor are mostly that of the ale. As is the case with a habanero pepper, however, the beer is sort of a slow burn. Still even the first flavor hints at a tickle of the spicy warmth; it only gets more intense from there.
I get through three quarters of a 12-ounce pour (I got this as a bomber), and the tingle has graduated to a light burn. The flavor holds steady, with the beer taking precedence, but the habanero notes begin to shine through, with hints of fruity citrus, and of course the signature habanero heat.

By the final third of the 22-ounce bomber, the burn evens out, giving way to more of the flavor, and the two intertwine even better than I remember – it truly is a well balanced brew. Of course, it isn’t meant for the timid. I’m an old hat at hot peppers, but this one might chew up and spit out someone who isn’t. But if spice is your thing, you’d do well to give a Nacho Bait a try.