The Worst Kept Secret in Bourbon – Bottled in Bond Pt. 1


Above Photo Courtesy of ModernThirst.com

Savvy whiskey drinkers have been taking advantage of the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 since it passed to ensure they were getting quality bottles of hooch.  By choosing bottles labeled “Bottled in Bond” or “Bonded” imbibers knew that the juice was 100 proof, at least 4 years old, and produced, aged, and bottled (unless otherwise stated) at a single distillery, by a single distiller, in a single season.

It was also a guarantee that it would not be subjected to many of the cost cutting measures used at the time, such as additions of tobacco or iodine that were often added to darken the whiskey and give it the perception of being aged in barrel longer than it actually was.

At the time, bonded whiskies were more expensive than your standard offerings on the shelf, but with the quality of whiskey being higher than ever today, most bottles are at or above the cost of the average bonded whiskey.  Honestly, bonded whiskies have been somewhat forgotten, relegated to  the bottom shelf of your local liquor store or well of the neighborhood dive, only picked up or called for by drinkers of generations prior.

As the demand for bourbon continues to rise, what were once easy to find, value priced offerings have become allocated, harder to find and constantly rising in price.  Other go-to bottles are losing their age statements or lowering in proof while also rising in price.  This is the time to turn to bonded bourbons; available in quantity and legally required to maintain age and proof, they should be your new mainstay.  The following bottle is no exception, as one of the best bang for buck offerings around.


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*All reviews are subjective and purely express my own opinion.  Ratings are independent of one another, just because bottle A has 4/5 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than bottle B with 3.5/5.  Lastly, my ratings are not quantifiable, I am not assigning aroma a certain number of points and mouthfeel another, it’s just my overall thoughts summed up in a number.*


“Photo Courtesy of ModernThirst.com”