Brooklyn Defender IPA


Created as a collaboration with the New York Comic Con, Brooklyn Brewery Defender IPA has a lot of fun with its marketing, calling the beer “constantly vigilant, standing guard over all those who dare to create, to dream, and to drink great beer. … But who is this mysterious hero? The Defender takes to the skies of Brooklyn, clan in a homemade mech suit, to protect us from blandness. … Wherever beer drinkers need a hero, the Defender will arise, guarding the rooftops and alleyways in the name of delicious beer.”

Hey, they had me at superhero metaphors. But the beer actually is quite good, hopped with Summit, Cascade, Mosaic, and Amarillo, resulting in a spicy, floral nose which in turn belies a surprisingly smooth, almost astringent ale. Nothing overpowers the senses with this beer, which checks in at 6.7 percent alcohol by volume. It’s dry, balanced, and doesn’t kick hard in the bright finish. This one is a great pick for summer and won’t get in the way when paired with your favorite spicy food.

Not sure how long this one will be available around town, guys, so get on it.