Country Boy Constant Sorrow Barrel-Aged Double IPA


If you’ve dived into the Kentucky craft beer scene, you’ve no doubt come across Country Boy Brewing beers. Based in Lexington, Country Boy is doing great things, just celebrated a big expansion, and is doing some pretty amazing things with its barrel and souring program.

Constant Sorrow is a fantastic example of why this brewery matters. I should note that you’ll probably have to go to the brewery to get this beer – or get lucky at a bottle shop – but it would be worth the trip. And then some. Constant Sorrow screams double IPA on the nose, but once the flavors hit your palate, the beer is equal parts IPA and bourbon barrel, with a buttery mouthfeel, notes of vanilla and butterscotch, and, of course, hints of charred oak. Of course, you’ll get the familiar piney spice on the back end to bring the beer full circle.

I can’t say enough about Constant Sorrow – it’s such a well-crafted beer. These Country Boy guys do it right in so many ways. Kentucky beer have been playing catch-up with the West Coast in the recent past, but it is not to be overlooked, and Country Boy is one of several breweriess pushing the line in great directions.