New Belgium Juicy Watermelon


The truth is, I’m just not a big fan of flavored beers. Sure, if a beer is brewed with a certain ingredient, that’s fine, but lately there seems to be a whole lot of beers coming out with flavors like mandarin and orange and pineapple. This new one from New Belgium Brewing Co. has watermelon and lime. OK, I’ll play ball.

I pour it and not that, hey, at least it isn’t pink – it just looks like a pale ale. But at first whiff, I’m not getting watermelon in the aroma. And with a taste, my first impression is cucumber, which makes no sense to my palate. It certainly is drinkable, but the flavor just doesn’t seem quite right. With a second drink, I find it, although the flavor is still a bit odd to me, like someone put a Jolly Rancher in a beer. You know, not exactly a pale ale, not exactly watermelon.

I drink about three more drinks and decide to move on. Some may like this one, but I’ll pass. Why, New Belgium? Why?