Great Flood Find-a-Way IPA


When Great Flood Brewing Company opened about three years ago, it was working with a tiny brewing system that was not much different than a lot of home brewers’ systems in their basement or garage. But the three 20-something owners, undeterred, thrived in the cozy little taproom on Bardstown Road. But they knew they could make better beer.

Enter Great Flood’s new brewhouse in the Shelby Park neighborhood, which started brewing and canning at the end of 2016. I grabbed my first six-pack of Find-a-Way IPA recently and was quite impressed by how much the beer has improved from the old taproom system to the new brewhouse.

To be honest, the flavor profile is much improved over what was coming out of the small brewery’s plastic fermenters. There were times when the flavor would just seem … well, not quite right. Good, but not quite right. This new version of Find-a-Way is, well, quite right. It’s a solid, malt-balanced IPA with a bit of a bready quality on the nose, while still offering the familiar floral aromas. A slight sweetness from the malts gives way to bitter, piney finish, like any self-respecting American IPA should.

The beer is quite drinkable, but with a body that reminds you of the 7.2 percent alcohol by volume. In short, grab yourself a six-pack of these cans (with a pretty cool design, to boot) but you might now want to drink them all in one sitting. Savor.