How Not to Bust Your Bracket, And Your Relationship During March Madness


We are going on week three of March Madness, and if you have a girlfriend or wife that is not a basketball fan, they are probably over your constant need to watch a game. I can’t keep your team in the big dance, but I can help you keep dancing with your favorite gal.

Here are five tips on how to watch the games, and keep your relationship from not busting like your bracket.

  • Schedule a group outing with a bunch of her friends, and yours at your favorite sports bar. With other people there, she will be talking to her friends, and not feel ignored.
  • Go on a double date. A double date is perfect. While she is talking to her BFF, you can watch the game with your buddy.
  • Plan a girls’ night out for her. Call her girlfriends to clear their schedules, and than surprise her with reservations to her favorite restaurant. Purchase a gift card to pay for the meal, and impress her while she is at the restaurant by having the server bring out a bottle of her favorite wine or Champaign. You will be free to watch the game, and get major brownie points.
  • Plan a movie night for her, and her friends. Go to the Redbox, and get a couple of fun chick flicks. Than stock them up with wine, candy, popcorn, and other snacks. She will have a fun night with her friends, and you get to watch the game.
  • If your favorite team is playing during the day, plan a spa day for her. Give her a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, and massage. She will love it, and you will love watching the game.