Against the Grain 70K


One of the signature beers that comes out of Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is the 35K, a milk stout with a big personality. Well, imagine cramming two of them into a really small glass – that’s 70K, which isn’t always available, but worth snagging when it is.

Found usually in 22-ounce bombers, I ran across it at Irish Rover on draft recently, and had to have one. This imperial stout starts with a huge aroma of bourbon and even some raisin, and the booze is immediately evident. (Hey, it’s 13 percent alcohol by volume!) The thick, creamy body brings a flavor profile that evokes bourbon, oak, notes of roast coffee, and an overriding sweetness that is reminiscent of a very strong glass of Nestle Quick.

As you sip your way through this big boy, the alcohol leaves a lingering burn to remember where you’ve been and, if you have more than one, were you’re likely going. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, grab it wherever you can.