Stone Ripper Pale Ale


Sierra Nevada created the standard for the West Coast pale ale decades ago, but it’s a beer that has been reimagined many times over. One of the latest is Stone Brewing’s Ripper Pale Ale, an approachable beach beer brewed with Cascade and Galaxy hops.

For many palates, it’s going to be an IPA rather than what we know as an American pale, and that’s not an accident; Stone attributes that to its use of Galaxy. Hey, there’s plenty of tropical notes in this beer, with a hoppy edge to the finish, so yeah, to me it tasted a lot like an IPA versus a classic Sierra Nevada. But it’s still only 40 IBU and just over 5 percent alcohol by volume, so in that sense, it drinks like an American or West Coast pale.

Honestly, this is just Stone being Stone. They’ve been making great craft brews for decades themselves, and this just happens to be one you’ll love sipping at the beach – without getting hop tongue or passing out from massive amounts of alcohol. That’s a win-win.