Ayinger Celebrator Ale


You always remember your first. My first taste of Ayinger Brewery’s Celebrator Ale came a number of years ago, when someone gave me a free bottle of the stuff. Obviously, I’d heard about it, but had never had the pleasure. A few days later I decided to open it. I poured it into a standard pint glass, took a whiff, and paused. Then I took a drink and immediately wondered why I had waited days to try this beer in my fridge. The next thing I wondered is why I hadn’t sought it out much sooner.

This Bavarian double bock is creamy and carbonated at the same time. The body of this beer, along with the roast and chocolate notes, make it almost like drinking adult chocolate milk – except better. Way better. The bitterness is minimal, while the sweet doesn’t overpower, leaving what I can’t help calling just a beautiful 12 ounces of beer.

I certainly hope that phrasing isn’t un-manly of me. Because I’m not going to take it back.