Against the Grain American Pale Ale


You know, Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse gets a lot of recognition for its creativity, both in brewing and in naming its beers (I still chuckle like 10-year-old over The Brown Note). And their take on Arrogant Bastard took me back to days of yore.

But I’ve noticed something else about Against the Grain: When they brew to style, they do it quite well. I, for one, don’t always want a smoked, barrel-aged, scotch ale brewed with wheat germ (yeah, I made that up), nor do I necessarily need high gravity. I stopped in recently, and saw something very basic on the beer board: American pale ale. So, I ordered it.

And yes, it was delicious: Basic, crisp, perfectly balanced, easy to drink – it was just beer. Good beer. I quaffed a couple with some of the house beef jerky, and it was beyond enjoyable. I’m not even sure why I felt compelled to write about such a basic example of brewing, except that, well, it was a really strong example of why beer doesn’t have to be fancy to be good.