Is Your Diet Making You Sick?


You’re chronically uncomfortable, but you’re not sure why. Discomfort can stem from all sorts of issues including obesity, digestive problems, chronic pain, frequent headaches, and joint pain. However, there is a solution that can end it all. Whether you’ve suffered for years, or suddenly feel ill, food sensitivities are a likely cause. Food sensitivities are extremely common but often go undiagnosed. Food allergies are different, and much easier to identify.

What’s the difference between food allergies and sensitivities? The main difference is food sensitivities have a delayed reaction that gnaw away at the immune system causing inflammation all over the body and food allergies cause immediate reactions that can potentially be life threatening. Many chronic conditions are caused by inflammation. Approximately 80% of the immune system resides in the gut. This means that diet plays a huge role in how you feel. A nutritious diet isn’t enough. Even anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries and broccoli can be “trigger” foods for some people. You may be wondering “how do I know what is safe to eat”? There is a specific blood test can be done to determine what foods are causing your discomfort. It’s called MRT-Mediator Release Test. Once you know your food sensitivities, a registered dietitian, certified in managing food sensitivities, can help guide you through the process of eliminating inflammation with a specific diet plan.