Whisky Chicks Craft Distillers Tasting


“The Whisky Chicks® embrace whisky drinkers of all types and ages (21+ that is). We believe a bottle of whisky is sexy, and together we will explore the flavors of unique spirits from around the world.”

So explains the Whisky Chicks’ website and I swear I can’t find a thing to argue about with a “Who We Are” statement like that! The Whisky Chicks was founded by Linda Ruffenach and are in their third year. They held their first Craft Distiller’s Tasting this past Tuesday at Westport Whiskey and Wine.

The store, which is in the Westport Village Shopping Center has a tasting room in the back with a well-equipped bar and enough room for about 25 or 30 people. Everything was laid back, but professional and you just couldn’t help but learn something fascinating about bourbon. Linda told me that it is their mission to introduce women to bourbon in all it’s history, mystery and iterations.

This event featured three very new bourbons in the area: Rabbit Hole Distillery, Starlight Distillery, and Jeptha Creed distillery. Each company brought two of their expressions and their master distillers gave a guided tour through the creation, distillation mechanics, and future plans for the brands.

I think you could do worse for the woman in your life than to introduce her to the finer points of bourbon among a group of great folks like I met Tuesday night. Start by contacting them through their website: http://whiskychicks.com/ 

Chris Zaborowski, Owner of Westport Whiskey and Wine - our host for the evening
The potables for the evening
There was a sold-out crowd for the Craft Distillers tasting
Heather Bass, Veronica Stivers and Master Distiller, Cameron Talley with Rabbit Hole Distillery
Lee Buckner with Travel the Trail Custom Bourbon Tours
When I say I LOVE bourbon, you can believe it!
A serious bourbon aficionado, Haley Routt makes a few notes
An amazing selection of bourbons in one place
Rabbit Hole's expressions
Ted and Dana Huber from Starlight Distillery in Indiana
Jeanne Guerrero shops for something new
Jeptha Creed, Rabbit Hole and Huber's
Allison Lewis (absolutelyalli.com) A bourbon fan and local blogger
 Nancy Bohn, Marketing Director for Whiskey Chicks, Linda Ruffenach, Founder, Cameron Talley, Veronica Stivers and Heather Bass with Rabbit Hole, Autumn Nethery , Joyce Nethery and Alicia White with Jeptha Creed, Ted and Dana Huber with Starlight Distillery and Chris Zaborowski
Attentive students, Karen Dunn and Deb Copeland
Deb Copeland
Whiskey Chicks