Mile Wide Uncle Disheveled


Stopped by my favorite neighborhood haunt (Hilltop Tavern) the other day only to find Mile Wide Beer Co.’s Uncle Disheveled on draft. I’ve had the beer before, but I couldn’t resist helping myself to a pint. And yes, it was just as good at a remote site as at the brewery’s taproom.

Uncle Disheveled is a classic stout brewed with coffee beans from Highland Coffee Company – it’s their Southern Pecan Roast, to be exact, and boy does it ever finish off a beer with style. This creamy beer starts with plenty of coffee notes on the nose, and then an immediate coffee roast flavor on the first drink. After a couple of drinks, the beer settles in with the appropriate nutty tones, with an ever-so-slight acidity and a perfectly smooth finish.


In short, if you love coffee and you love good craft beer? This just might be your new favorite stout. I’ve had the base stout that helped create this brew, and it too is delicious, but I’d be sad if Mile Wide ever walked away from this recipe. Guys, it’s a winner.