Men of Louisville (and Women) Tattoo You!


Men of Louisville (and Women) Tattoo You! Initially a patriotic statement in wartime America, tattoos have now become a form of self-expression. With nearly half of the male population having at least one tattoo, these pieces of body art are something attainable and special that a man can use to show off something of importance. Mainstream celebrities mixed with TV shows like Miami Ink, have made tattoos far more culturally accepted rather than seen as taboo. Women typically say that the forearm, bicep, and back are the most attractive areas to get a tattoo, however at the end of the day, the only person who needs to love it is you. You can expect to pay around $45-$50 for a small tattoo, and upwards of $150 for a larger piece. Here are three hot shops in Louisville where you can get your very own impressive and novel piece of art.

DORK Tattoo Parlor
Mark Castle has been tattooing for 11 years and recently opened this shop downtown. It’s filled with fresh, innovative ideas, and the artists here do an excellent job of coming up with amazing designs. The artists at DORK are “fine artists” meaning they truly paint, sculpt, draw, etc., making the final tattoo product really seem like a piece of artwork on your body. Whether it’s a small and simple tattoo, or something of higher level difficulty, this shop will get the job done to exceptional standards.  
Located at 423 W Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202

 Ink & Dagger
At Ink & Dagger, you will see a wide array of tattooing styles, making it the ideal place for any type of tattoo you can conjure up. There are 6 different artists at this shop, including 5 men and 1 female; all of these characters combine to produce intricate and beautiful artwork. Zanna Schneider has been in the tattoo industry for 10 years. She feels that with all of the up and coming artists, there is more talent, which allows for tattoos to become more and more popular. Schneider is also a specialist at cover ups, so if you currently have a tattoo and want to create it into something better or different, she’s the person to go to. 
Located at 1137 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204 

Twisted Images
Between the four artists at Twisted, the years of experience adds up to quite a remarkable amount. Vinnie Kochert alone, has been tattooing for 13 years and said the special thing about Twisted is that it is purely “custom work only.” Therefore, every tattoo is brand new, different, and unique for that individual. Also offering free touch ups, this tattoo shop produces high quality artwork along with creative ideas to give you the perfect tattoo.  
Located at 1225 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204