Mile Wide Tessie IPA


Mile Wide Beer Co. has only been open a few weeks, and already its blowing up Louisville. One week into its existence, it released an East Coast IPA called Tessie that pretty much broke the local craft beer scene. Word of the stuff swept through social media, and had people coming in droves to buy crowlers of it.

cmd8xqexeaeb-0uScott Shreffler, co-owner of Mile Wide, told me on Day 2 of the beer’s release that he and his crew had filled 12 crowlers for release day – they were gone in no time. So, they filled 36 more. Gone. They decided to fill 50 more, and sold those as well. So, for Day 2, they filled 80 to start the day.

Why is Tessie flying off the shelves (and out of the taps) this way? Well, in part because it’s a delicious damn beer. Mile Wide knows what it’s doing. But I think it’s also because an East Coast IPA, or Northeast IPA, simply isn’t a style we’ve seen here in Louisville much. Mile Wide is the first one to release a version of the style, which is hop-forward like most IPAs, but focuses less on bitterness and more on the nuances of the hops.

I bought a crowler of Tessie on Day 2, and ended up going back to the brewery a few days later. As I sat there enjoying my pint, a guy sitting at the bar next to me finished off a second pint, and then bought four crowlers of the stuff. If this enthusiasm is a trend, one must wonder if it’s a trend that is going away anytime soon. I’ll also be curious to see which Louisville brewery will be next to brew the style.