Jeptha Creed Grand Opening and Cocktail Class


bloodybutchers-759x1024Jeptha Creed opened November 11th, 2016. After much anticipation and a couple of limited releases of a very young Bloody Butcher’s Creed bourbon, they are now running at full speed and they are not wasting any time or resource in their pursuit of perfection. Bloody Butcher’s Creed will be released in 2019. Until then, you can enjoy Jeptha Creed’s vodka and moonshine offerings.

Jeptha Creed’s “Creed” if you will, emanates from the Scottish dictum “Ne Oublie” (Nay OO blee-ay). Actually Latin, it means “don’t forget”. A helpful axiom in the business of distilled spirits where every distillation, barrel stave, char depth, grain or storage environment is reflected in the final product. Bourbon, like an elephant, never forgets. The Nethery family apply it to themselves because everything Jeptha Creed is, has been born of years of experience.

Joyce Nethery, CEO and Master Distiller has 2 degrees in chemical engineering and spent years as a process engineer in a distillation facility. She knows the process. That would be enough for most  bourbon makers. However, Joyce has also owned a farm for many years, so she developed a love for, and expertise in, the foundational element of any great bourbon – the grains.

Jeptha Creed is a farm to bottle operation. They own a 64 acre farm adjacent to the distillery which includes 10 acres of Bloody Butcher corn (a hybrid corn the color of dried blood), fruit trees, berry bushes and even bee hives where they extract the honey for their honey flavored vodka. The other flavored offerings likewise employ flavors from fruits grown right on site (apple, honey and blueberry).

The building itself has been designed for future expansion and use by the community. There is a large meeting / reception / party room available for rent with every media connection imaginable, a huge patio that overlooks the farm and a full bar. There are future plans for a restaurant, so the farm to bottle concept can extend to the table as well. Tours are available. Check the website for more information:

I had an opportunity to attend a Creed Cocktail class this past week. T.J. Gordon is the Jeptha Creed resident mixologist and has created many cocktails expressly for their own distillations. His mixes also employ farm fresh syrups, fruits and berries and he meticulously walked the 25 or so students through the creation of the elements of his mixes in the Jeptha kitchen specially set up for training classes like this.. The mixing itself took place at the very large bar constructed of an enormous slice of timber from an old tree removed from the site.

If you are catching the bug to mix cocktails, preparing for an important gathering or would like to see what Jeptha Creed is all about, I’d recommend a class or tour. I can guarantee Jeptha Creed will be around a long time and their influence in the community and the world of bourbon will increase exponentially as the 2019 Bloody Butchers Bourbon release date approaches.

As Joyce might tell you “Ne Oublie” – Don’t forget!


Grain Silos
The distillery
Chris Dalton, tour guide for Jeptha Creed with Scott Kinison and Brittney Edwards
Cookers and still
Building entrance. Available to rent for receptions, meetings, training classes, etc.
Souvenirs and Jeptha gear
The full bar
The huge back patio overlooking the farm
Bloody Butchers corn, grown right on site
5 section still by Vendome of Louisville
Jeptha Creed Moonshine
TJ Gordon teaching mixology
Bob Sullivan and Julie Downard
Erika Bouttier
Jeff Hulker and Cindy Fister
Haylee Huffman and John Robinson
The best part of Jeptha Creed's Cocktail Class - enjoying your creation!
Like waiting for Christmas...