The baKblade 2.0


Check this out I tried this last weekend (my girlfriend bought it for me!) This is, hands down the most brilliantly simple way there is for guys to get a clean back, the baKblade and line of accessories are a must-have for the more hirsute-gifted man. Morning or night, wet or dry, try it once and you’ll never go Bak.

baKblade® has become the leader in the back shaving industry. Their patent-approved technology involves a unique blade and teeth arrangement that creates the closest and quickest shave for “us men” and is bar none the leader in the industry. It’s the the quickest and smoothest shave available.

The baKblade shaver skips all of the unnecessary headaches that can come with shaving products and does exactly what it claims which results in a baby smooth shave in minutes. Sounds too easy? Easy is exactly what this shaver is.
The 4 major reasons why this is a great product:

  • Quickest and smoothest back shaver blade
  • Ability to dry shave or wet shave
  • Effective
  • Pain-free

Price $34.95