Beards and Beers / Gentux Men’s Grooming Event


Beards and Beers at 514 S. 5th St. in Louisville hosted a men’s grooming event this past Tuesday night. The event featured free beard trims and beer of course, but also a buffet and some free gifts from their partner in the event Gentux.

bbchairsGentux is the latest brainchild of George Zimmerman (Men’s Wearhouse –  “you’re going to like the way you look” – remember him?). Gentux ( is an online ordering system for tuxedos. They have a sizing algorithm that virtually insures a perfect fit the first time it is delivered directly to your home. However, if you forgot to factor in your ENORMOUS biceps – no problem; you can return it for the Popeye version in just a couple of days. It will arrive to you one week before the event, ready to go.

Beards and Beers ( is fast becoming a Louisville favorite destination. They describe it as an old-school barber shop, steeped in tradition, but modernized for today’s man.

Their professionally licensed team of barbers are expert in straight razor cuts and styling for modern men. Plus the additional services they offer make them anything but old-fashioned: hair tinting, beard conditioning, facials, highlights, thinning hair treatment, etc.

I’m sure that Melissa, Lindsay, Jennifer or Mike will be “your” barber after just one visit. And, yes – You ARE gonna like the way you look.






Beards and Beers

514 South 5th Street


Hot towel shave? Yes, thanks.
Daniel Linton and Allison Hudson
Chanthon Muth with Monat is bringing a new hair growth treatment to Louisville. Watch for more info on her products later.
Melissa Gray. This is how intense I want my barber to look!
Full house
Jay Goldstein and Jason Jackson
Kelsey Whitney, Brandon McCaskey, Ryan Ferreira, Phillip Mudd and Andrew Bailey
Wes and Troy with Gentux
Night shot
Lindsay Doogs
Mike Hack with the straight razor cut
It's a great, enjoyable experience