Varanese Bourbon Dinner / Ocean’s Voyage 9


Tuesday night, January 10th, Varanese hosted the debut of Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 9 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Interspersed with a magnificent 4 course dinner prepared by John Varanese, we sampled a flight of Jefferson’s finest.

The flight might more rightly be called a voyage as Trey Zoeller guided this tour of his bourbons through his tales of its creation and then invited the senses to experience its travels and its origins. As he spoke about this Voyage 9, it seemed we could taste the heat of the equatorial waters, the chill of the north Atlantic it traversed and the briny air where it aged and matured.  This is not a bourbon born in the bucolic pastures of old Kentucky. It was born of the sea – constant sloshing, barrels moving, mixing, and dislodging the charred insides of the barrels until it became so much a part of the wood that it turned indistinguishably black like the insides of those barrels.

Learn more about Jefferson’s and their “ridiculously small batch bourbons”:

David Allen, the General Manager of Varanese has created something of an art form of these themed dinners over the past several years. Other dinners have featured special brewings of beers, wine bottlings and other distillations. Each dinner features special dishes, cocktails and deserts by John Varanese designed to highlight the signature tastes of the wine, beer or spirit.

The dinner was fabulous as you would expect from Varanese. Check out the menu in the Gallery below. Check out upcoming events or stop in for dinner:

Toasting the night, friends, family, bourbon
Linda Tuley and Pat Larkin
Kevin and Janet Schreibner
Keith and Susan Miller
Trey Zoeller, owner of Jefferson's Distillery, talks about Ocean's Voyage 9
Mark Gass (right) with Gemalto brought his employees out for an appreciation dinner. To his left, Steve Marriott and John Mason
Shawn Stevens of Vendome Copper and Brass Works presents Trey with a "Whiskey Thief". used to extract a sample from the barrel.
Kate Winkler and Chuck Taylor
Amanda Adams and Selena Fikes
Trey Zoeller
Michael Wight, Lee Smith and Chris Jeffy
Sous Chef Thomas Wilburn
Sous Chef Callie Critchelow
David Allen, General Manager
A beautiful setting for dinner
Jason and Sarah Meredith
Julia, Olivia and Cara Naber with Layne Smith (lucky guy!)
Andrea and Carl Sword with John and Donna Schwartz
Gail Wade and Becky Hammond. Bourbon and beauty - a great combination!