Arrogant Bastard Ale


Arrogant Bastard Ale is one of those seminal beers – it ensconced itself in craft beer swagger before there really was such a thing. First released in 1996, it took the early 2000s by storm and made beer lovers of a lot of people who were looking for something to spark their palates. maxresdefaultStone Brewing and Arrogant Bastard also alienated quite a few people with their attitude; each bottle is emblazoned with the words “You’re not worthy,” and the back of the bottle explains why you probably aren’t cool enough to like the beer inside. Arrogant Bastard gave us the epithet “fizzy yellow beer” to describe corporate mega-brews. It never went away, but its popularity has ensured widespread production that, for many, has limited the quality because it takes the cans and bottles so long to get to market, where they then language on retail shelves while the beer goes bad. I bought a 22-ounce bomber recently, and could tell that it wasn’t *quite* the beer I remembered. Ah, but if you live in Louisville, you’re in luck: Against the Grain Brewery was chosen by Stone to create a version of Arrogant Bastard Ale using the exact recipe, and what’s on tap now (for a limited time) is the legendary beer that combines a dank fruit profile followed by an enormously dry and bitter finish. It is not for the timid, but the AtG version, in particular, is gold for the enthusiast. Not to be missed.