Bourbon and B-Sides


On Saturday night, January 7, the Tim Faulkner Gallery hosted their second Bourbons and B-sides event. Bourbon and B-sides is a fusion of Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage, mixed with a unique blend of art curated specifically for the event. It also included exclusive music rarely showcased in Louisville nightlife, designed to create an infectious social experience.

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-12-53-27-am-300x268Faulkner says their goal is to connect music lovers, art enthusiasts, and bourbon lovers along with fashion forward socialites to come together once a month and enjoy an event tailored to the interests of those seeking an alternative to a typical night out.

Given my experience this past Saturday, I’d say they succeeded beyond all expectations. The place was packed but given the dimensions of the space both vertically and horizontal floor space, it never felt crowded. There was plenty of room to explore, check out the plethora of art in the gallery and relax.

The mix of Bourbon and hip hop tunes from DJ’s, presented in an art gallery was probably like the first time some genius combined peanut butter and jelly on bread – it just works… and everyone loves it.

Head to the website for more information on the Tim Faulkner Gallery, Bourbon and B-sides and other events:


The Tim Faulkner

1512 Portland Avenue

Louisville, KY 40203

Big Room at the Faulkner Gallery
Vane and DJ Out There with Taste DJ's provided music for the night
Art of the selfie
Our more-than-competent bartenders - Lisa Davis and Whitney Olsen and Jamie Stevens
The artistic quality of the place is evident in everything
Art is everywhere
Tim Faulkner and Margaret Archambault have made the Faulkner Gallery a major destination in Louisville over the past 9 years
Tawanda Chitapa
Markus and Samantha McCafferey
Charles Nance checks the scores, the texts and the tunes
Great room, great sound
Somina Francillon and Salema Jenkins
Something to see everywhere you look
Regina Johnson with the University of Louisville
Feet won't stop!
A beautiful room
Bourbon and B-Sides