The Bourbon Brotherhood’s Jack Daniels Premium Expressions Tasting


Jack Daniel’s was the favorite drink of the legendary Frank Sinatra. He would rarely be on stage without a glass of the whiskey in his hand. So to celebrate Frank’s 101st birthday, The Bourbon Brotherhood gathered to taste some rare expressions from Brown Foreman and to toast Frank with a bottle of very expensive Jack Daniels Sinatra Select.

Our tastings were from Brown-Forman’s best selling brand, Jack Daniel’s, including Single Barrel, Barrel Proof and Single Barrel Rye.

Founder Bruce Corwin channeling his inner Sinatra

Founder Bruce Corwin channeling his inner Sinatra

The Brown-Foreman ambassadors brought along 3D headsets which allowed partiers to experience a virtual reality tour to Lynchburg, TN to see the fabled Jack Daniel’s distillery.

The event was held at 924 Baxter – famous for their excellent BBQ, they served smoked jumbo wings, mini pulled pork sandwiches, roasted potatoes and a veggie tray.

The Bourbon Brotherhood is a monthly gathering of men who enjoy bourbon and camaraderie. Is this politically correct? Probably not. Therefore, you’ll probably want to join. Start here:


Phone: (502) 569-4117

Casey Perkins and Kat Platt - Brand Ambassadors for Brown-Foreman
Tim Duncan, Ron Zorn and Carey McDaniel - forced to attend because well...bourbon
Lee Adams, Matt Goodwin and Brad Burns
Emily Cleveland, State Director for Best Buddies Kentucky and Jim Reskin, a self-described " generic dude", however, he seemed suspiciously very knowledgeable to this gullible photographer!
Dan Scofield, photographer for
Founder Bruce Corwin channeling his inner Sinatra
Susan Shine and Marissa Harris with Accent Models with John Frederick, a charter member of the Bourbon Brotherhood.
Bruce Corwin, founder of the Bourbon Brotherhood and Kim Monroe
Very expensive - Sinatra Select
Baxter 924. A great place for an event
Real Frank