Ei8ht Ball Prodigal Son


The first time I ever had Ei8ht Ball Brewery’s Prodigal APA, it was in growler form. I was in Cincinnati overnight (the brewery is located in nearby Bellvue, Ky.), grabbed a growler, and drank half in my hotel room. The next day I drove back with growler in tow, and decided to cut up a habanero pepper into the growler and let it sit for a few hours. Well, it was magic. Anyway, that’s why I will always have a special place in my heart for Prodigal APA.


And now the beer is readily available around Louisville, which means I don’t have to drive far to get it. I recently found it in cans at a local pub and decided to toast to that blessed first time (sans habanero), and found it to be just as tasty as I remembered. One cool thing about this beer is that the hops used are always changing, so the flavors can vary slightly from batch to batch.

Still, the malt bill is the same and the balance is always there for the dry, piney, yet surprisingly accessible beer. For an APA, it drinks close to an IPA, and does check in at 6.5 percent ABV, so it’s not something to sleep on. But I have to say that, for my money, it’s a beer of fantastic balance with a nice, dry finish that never disappoints, whatever hop is in play. Worth your while if you haven’t tried it yet.