Ethereal Wanderland IPA


ethereal-brewingUnlike many of my beer-loving brethren, I’ve not yet found the time make the short drive east to visit the highly-lauded in Lexington. I’ve wanted to since the brewery opened, and I kick myself every time someone tells me just how great i Ethereal Brewery is. Well, I was excited the last time I plopped down at my local haunt, Hilltop Tavern, to find that Ethereal’s Wanderland IPA was on tap. Saved me a trip, even if I didn’t get to experience the brewery itself and only got to try one beer. (Humor me here, I have a busy schedule.)

Naturally, this beer only made me want to go even more. This thing is a citrusy wonderland (OK, now I sort of understand the name), with a crisp, deceptively mild presence and mouthfeel. The aroma is such, however, that you might just want to sit for a few minutes and sniff, let it surround your senses. Are those Mosaic hops I sense? Maybe a blend of the more fruit-forward New Zealand family of hops? (Hey, I’m still learning these hop profiles, but it’s fun to speculate.)

Anyway, the dry, crisp beer finishes with a dissipating bitterness that never overwhelms – it’s a modern hop for the modern American palate, and yet I also see this IPA as one that might be successful in welcoming doubters into the fold. In short, I’ll be needing more of this post haste, even if it means getting in my car and driving 80 miles or so.