One Sure Way To Get Lucky on a Date


“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” -Steve Martin

I’m a professional stand-up comedian. Which means I support myself by hanging out in various bars, theaters, and hotels getting paid to tell jokes. It’s a fun job that comes with a lot of perks like traveling, being creative, and receiving actual money for the crazy thoughts in my head. However, most of the time when this subject comes up with my friends, they always want to know about the women I’ve encountered. Can being funny help you get lucky? The answer my friends is yes, yes it can. So, below are three easy steps explaining how to use your sense of humor to get you some quality naked time with a pretty female.

Step 1. Do your homework.
Start watching video clips of your favorite comedians and take notes. Study their performances and write down which jokes make you laugh the most and why. Make sure to study their stage presence and how they handle themselves during their performance. Doing this will prepare you to write your own jokes because you’ll have a better idea of what types of humor appeal to you the most.

Step 2. Write and Perform. (Then Repeat)
The next step is to develop a solid 5-minute set. This is the most difficult but most rewarding step. To begin, write down some topics that irritate you and why. Maybe it’s bad drivers or text messaging or paying bridge tolls. Once you have the words on paper, go to the comedy club and start performing at open-mic. Record every set and write down which jokes worked. Build from those and write more jokes for the next open-mic. At this point, it’s all about writing and stage time. As I mentioned, this is the hardest step so plan on 6 months to a year of developing your material. You want your routine to be as funny as possible before moving on to step 3.


Step 3. Naked Time.
Once you’ve developed your tight 5-minute routine it’s time to use it to your advantage. Ask a girl out and casually mention that you’re a comedian and invite her to a show. Before you and your date arrive at the club go out for drinks. The more alcohol she has the funnier she will think you are. Go on stage, kill it, and afterward tell her how awesome it is that she came to support you and she’ll be naked in no time. I assure you, it won’t work every time, but it WILL work. Good luck!