Hudy Delight


Ever want to drink a beer just for sentimental reasons? I do it sometimes. For instance, the first beer I remember having was a seven-ounce Miller High Life, back when I was around 10 years old. To this day, I can happily enjoy a High Life and reminisce about when my love of beer first started. It’s also true that when I turned 19, that also happened to be the legal drinking age in Ohio. My buddies and I would drive to Cincinnati Reds games to enjoy baseball and a beer (or two), and Hudepohl’s Hudy Delight was usually the choice.

1108162015Hudepohl Brewing Company dated back to 1885, founded in Cincinnati by Ludwig Hudepohl II, the son of Bavarian immigrants. It merged with Schoenling Brewing Company in the 1980s, and today is owned by the successful Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, also based in Cincinnati.

The stuff seemed to disappear from view for years following my experience with it in the 1980s, but it has returned and is now the house beer of sorts at Mellwood Tavern. Any time of any day, you can walk into Mellwood and get an ice-cold can of Hudy Delight for just two bucks. I almost squealed with delight the first time I walked in and saw the sign on the wall – it took me back. Like, way back.

And yes, the beer is what it always was: fizzy yellow beer soda with a weird-ish flavor, not far from a PBR or a Milwaukee’s Best. But at its best, Hudy Delight is easily quaffable, and a great finisher for a night when you’re trying to actually lower the amount of alcohol you’re taking in before going home to sleep it off. Is it my first choice? Well, naw. But it sure does help me to reminisce. And as long as you don’t drink more than a couple, you’ll also be avoiding a hangover.