Goodwood Brewery Ugly Sweater Christmas Party


On Saturday, December 10th, Goodwood Brewing Company held their “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party in the tap room.

The event featured the musical talents of the internationally-ignored superstars, the Captain Midnight Band, the world’s only known purveyor of “Waterbed Rock & Roll.”

Goodwood also rolled out a new American Stout, one with a cinnamon bite that fades into a slightly sweet, malty backbone and moves on to a robust roasted malt and chocolate finish. Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout is an homage to Kentucky’s proud distilling legacy – brewed with the same limestone water as its namesake whiskey and patiently seasoned in bourbon barrels. Yes! All that from a beer!!

Goodwood is like the opposite of a mullet – They are party in the front and business in the back where they brew and age over a dozen different brews in barrels and casks. Every beer they brew touches wood in the process, and not JUST wood, but wood with flavor left to imbue and that it DOES! Try it out! You will find it hard to go back to an un-aged brew!


The tree was decorated accordingly and appropriately
Goodwood Brewing Tap Room
Christy Alexander and Paige Peterson serve only the best - ESPECIALLY at the Christmas party
The Captain Midnight Band - Matt Drummey, Captain Midnight and Lil' Rae Rae
Grateful Dead sweater. This is either the hippest thing ever or the dorkiest. But that's the whole point of an ugly sweater party isn't it?
The real origins of Gangsta Rap. Kara Schwartz with the sweater of the night!
Business in the back.
Rex Rothchild, Geemonet Milewski, Chapin Ott, Kevin Fizz, Jenny Hohman and Tisha Gainey didn't come to be pensive and introspective!
Grant Schwartz, Kara Schwartz and Laryssa Cybriwsky enjoy a flight of Goodwood's finest
A New American Stout
Goodwood sign
Beer bottle holiday lights
Maggie Hoy, Ryan and Beth Thiel. Rayan celebrates Lamar Jackson's Heisman Award AND keeps with the spirit of the party!
Speedy Service - They're going fast!