Flying Tent!


flite-leavesMy dream as a kid was to live in a tree house. With the three season Tentsile Flite Tree Tent for two persons, my childhood dreams are now a go anywhere reality. The Flite gives the comfort and feel of a hammock while providing all the built-in necessities of a tent, including a bug net and rain cover. Your days of trying to find the perfect level camp site with no roots, and rocks are over. The Tentsile Flite allows you to pitch your portable domicile anywhere you can find 3 sturdy trees using three heavy-duty straps combined with one ratchet buckle system. Because you stay above ground, your damaging foot print on the environment is reduced. The Tentsile Flite single pole design allows for quick and easy set up with plenty of head space while sleeping two adults comfortably using a two hammock design. When using the Flite without the rain cover, you are rewarded with an unobstructed view of the night sky. The Tentsile Flite tent floor is breathable and adds ventilation making for a truly flight like experience that is perfect for a warm summer night. In colder weather, the Flite can be paired with a sleeping pad for extra warmth. Since the Flite is not designed to be the lightest camping option on the market, it is perfectly suited for a weekend trip or car camping as opposed to long distance hiking. I highly recommend this tent to the weekend warrior who wants to be the gear envy of all your fellow campers while you rest high in the trees as comfortably as an Ewok.